25 Years Serving the Small Payload Community

SPRSA Community

The Small Payload Ride Share Association

The Small Payload Ride Share Association’s (SPRSA) purpose is to provide a forum for the small space community to achieve the goal of “Routine, Affordable Access to Space for Small Payloads”.  The small space community consists of government, industry, and academic organizations involved in building and operating small satellites, providing dedicated or ride share launch services and their associated spaceports, and supplying technologies, components, and technical services.  As the “new space” systems have demonstrated the value of small payloads, the community has experienced a dramatic increase in interest, investments, and activity.  SPRSA has transformed, along with the rest of the community, to address the broader spectrum of capabilities beyond ride share opportunities necessary for the growth of a healthy small satellite market.

The Small Space Community

The Small Space Community is composed of several different and often divergent groups.  There are small companies dedicated to building small satellites looking for sponsors with missions and money.  There are companies that offer small launch vehicles to service the small satellite market looking for funded programs to fly.  There are entrepreneurs who would like to develop and market small satellite buses or new small launch vehicles.  There are government agencies with ambitions to built or buy more small satellites and small launch vehicles looking for ideas, partners, and sponsors. Finally, there is the university segment of the community – rich in graduate student manpower who feel that the educational value of designing and assembling small satellites is worthwhile.