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The Small Payload Rideshare Association (SPRSA) was established to organize and conduct the Small Payload Rideshare Symposium.  The symposium focuses on concepts and technologies that will enable the small payload community to meet future launch needs and test new capabilities in a cost-effective manner. The symposium has evolved into a forum where the launch services community interacts with the small satellite community in a focused, working environment to address the needs of the community for affordable small payload access to space and the impediments hampering its success

Small Payload Rideshare Community

The rideshare community is composed of several different and often divergent groups.  There are small companies dedicated to building small satellites looking for sponsors with missions and money.  There are companies that offer small launch vehicles to service the small satellite market looking for funded programs to fly.  There are entrepreneurs who would like to develop and market small satellite buses or new small launch vehicles.  There are government agencies with ambitions to buy more small satellites and small launch vehicles looking for ideas, partners, and sponsors. Finally, there is the university segment of the community – rich in graduate student manpower who feel that the educational value of designing and assembling small satellites is worthwhile.

Technical Committees

A series of Technical Committees have been created to provide focus on the most critical elements and issues facing the small satellite and ride share community. Committees may be dissolved and created as the needs and interests within the community change. Committee members are selected from interested Association Members, hereafter referred to as Members, and balanced to provide representation from all segments of the community (government, industry, academia, satellite builders, launch service providers, and support services). A Technical Committee Chair will coordinate the activities of each committee; when each committee will meet, either in person or through a teleconference, two times a year to develop issues, themes, topics, suggestions, etc. Each committee will present a summary of their activities at the annual Conference. The presentation and/or a written report will posted on the Association web site for the benefit of the membership. Each year one third of the Membership will be replaced with new Members to maximize participation. No technical committee reports will be released without the approval of the SPRSA Policy Committee to ensure that all information has been coordinated and represents the interests of the community at large.