SPRSA Tele-Net Working Symposium

Don't Lose Momentum

Keep Your Contacts and Network Current

  The health challenges and the associated travel and face-to-face meeting restrictions have resulted in unprecedented cancellations of many of the major space events and gatherings.  While our SPRSA Symposia have always been much smaller and more focused than these events, we still must face the fact that our June Symposium will not be practical this year.  However, we don't believe in abandoning our active community engagement.

  This year we will be breaking up our six sessions (mornings and afternoons over the three-day symposium) into six separate teleconferencing meetings.  Each four-hour session will be focused on a specific topical area and will held on dedicated day; the six days will be spread out over the summer to make it easier for people to handle.  As usual, each session will be led by a Session Chair and presentations can be viewed on-line along with the ability to ask questions and interact with the presenters.

  Registration for all the sessions will be $300 which will cover the networking, help desk, and associated administrative costs.  All registration payments should be done by credit card or check.  This also allows us to verify the identity of those who register.  Each registered person will be provided a meeting link and everyone signing in will be checked against the registration list. 

Details about the sessions will be posted as soon as possible as they are finalized