“Routine, Affordable Access to Space for Small Payloads”

SPRSA Tele-Net Working Symposium

Don't Lose Momentum

Keep Your Contacts and Network Current

The CoVid health challenges and the associated travel and face-to-face meeting restrictions have resulted in unprecedented cancellations of many of the major space events and gatherings.  Other groups have turned to teleconferencing rather than complete cancellations. SPRSA is among those adopting the teleconferencing approach. While the intimate networking that has always been a key focus of our Symposiums will clearly be impacted by teleconferencing, we believe that continued, active community engagement in any form is better than total cancellation.

The 22nd annual 2020 Small Payload Ride Share Symposium will be co-hosted by SPRSA and NASA Ames Small Satellite Systems Virtual Institute (SSSVI). NASA will provide the IT support for the WebEx meetings.

The Symposium's usual six sessions (mornings and afternoons over the three-day symposium) will be broken into six separate teleconferencing meetings.  These individual sessions will be focused on specific topics and spread out over the summer and early fall to minimize the schedule impacts from the increased number of other teleconferences. 

Participants will be required to register on the SPRSA web site, but thanks to our NASA co-host and our corporate sponsors, no fee will be charged for the sessions.

One registration will cover all the sessions. Just prior to each session, those who have registered will receive an email with the WebEx URL, the meeting number, and the passcode.