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Info for Speakers

Presentation Requirements & Presenters Materials

Presentation Requirements

All presentations must be approved for public release with no restrictive markings

Presentations with restrictive markings will not be displayed

Only presenters can remove unintended restrictive markings; SPRSA cannot

Each presenter will be required to sign a public release certification form

No charts will be displayed without a signed public release form

Presentations must be provided to SPRSA by the Friday before the Tuesday Session to ensure presentation availability

SPRSA will ensure that NASA has copies of the presentations for display

Presenters will be enabled to share their desktop so they can control their presentation; this is the preferred approach

If presenters have problems sharing their desktop presentations, NASA will be able to display the charts as a backup during the session

NASA will schedule a dry run meeting prior to each session to ensure that all presenters understand the process and can verify that they can share their desktops

Presentations will be posted for public access on the SPRSA web site following the Session unless the presenters request that they not be posted

Presenters Materials

Each presenter is encouraged to provide the following information which will be posted on the web site and used in introducing the speakers

Name, Organization, and Position

Contact Information (email and phone)

Small photograph

Short Bio (maximum of 10-15 lines of text)