“Routine, Affordable Access to Space for Small Payloads”

Session One Program

Session One

The Maturing Small Satellite Market

7 September 2021 - 12:00-5:00 EDT

Session Chair - Rob Atkins - Moog

Time (EDT)TopicPresenterOrganization
12:00-12:05 Opening & WelcomeTom MaultsbySPRSA
12:05-12:10Opening & WelcomeBruce YostNASA Ames (S3VI)
12:10-12:15Virtual Session DetailsMarco BoltNASA Ames
12:15-12:20Session Chair Opening StatementsRob AtkinsSession Chair - Moog
12:20-1:05Small Satellite Market SurveyDr. Richard LeshnerBryce Technologies
1:05-1:50NRO Small Satellite PerspectivesCol. Chad DavisNRO/OSL
1:50-2:25Small Satellites - Critical Capabilities for the Space ForceRob AtkinsSession Chair/Moog
2:35-3:10NASA Small Satellite PerspectivesFlorence TanNASA HQ Science Mission Directorate
3:10-3:45SSC Small Satellite PerspectivesCol. Chad MeloneSSC, Launch Procurement & Integration Division (LEM)
3:45-4:20SDA Small Satellite PerspectivesDr. Frank TurnerSpace Development Agency
4:20-4:45MMDS Development Project ReviewTom Maultsby/Scott SchonemanSPRSA/Schonedyne
4:45-4:50Session Chair Closing StatementsRob AtkinsSession Chair
4:50-4:55Closing StatementsBruce YostNASA Ames (S3VI)
4:55-5:00Closing StatementsTom MaultsbySPRSA