2019 Small Payload Rideshare Symposium

Symposium Parking

Parking will be available in the Aerospace Corporation for those who have registered for the symposium.

Aerospace Chantilly Campus (ACC) Conference Entry Procedures

All attendees will enter the ACC through the Upper Concourse Employee Entrance of the parking garage. After entering the Main Gate, stay straight toward the Main Gate Guard Booths and retractable gate arms.

Do Not turn right toward the Visitor Center. Only attendees who have not pre-registered or been pre-vetted (listed on the Conference Access List) will need to enter via the Visitor Center.

Stop your vehicle at the security guards and tell them your name and the names of your passengers, if any. The guard officers will verify that your names are listed on the Conference Access List and will allow you to park in the parking garage.

NOTE – If you are not listed on the access list, you will be directed to the Visitor Center to be vetted and badged.

Park on the 3rd level down in the parking garage and enter through the Upper Concourse Employee Entrance.

Security Guards and Aerospace Security staff will badge all attendees at that entrance.

Please make sure to bring a valid government issued photo ID (i.e. Driver’s License, Passport, Military ID) or IC Blue Badge.