2018 Small Payload Rideshare Symposium

Speaker's Guidelines


  • Presenters must register for the Symposium
  • Presenters receive a reduced Symposium fee ($325)
  • Active Duty military and Academia registration is $175
  • Presenters only planning to attend for single day can register for ($275)
  • Additional registration pricing is available on the SPRSA web site

Program Materials
Please provide a photo and a short Bio for use in the Program before 15 May
If you would like your organizations logo included among presenters in the
promotional materials and Program, please provide it as soon as possible but no
later than 15 May


  • All presentations must be approved for public release
  • Presenters will be required to sign a public release certification form
  • Presentations can be uploaded to the SPRSA web site or emailed
  • Presentations are needed by 4 June to ensure they are ready and functional for┬áthe Symposium
  • Presentations with any restrictive markings will not be shown

(Only the presenters can remove restrictive marking; SPRSA can not)
Presentations will be posted for public access on the SPRSA web site following
the Symposium
(Speakers can request that their presentations not be posted)

Contact Information
SPRSA web site: sprsa.org
SPRSA Coordinators