2018 Small Payload Rideshare Symposium

Location of Symposium

Directions to NASA Ames Conference Center/BLDG. 3
From Highway, 101 Exit Moffett Field, follow the overpass towards NASA-Ames Research Center
Show D.License or other picture ID to Guard at the Ames Main Gate
Proceed on Clark Road
Veer right onto South Akron Rd. (one way)
Left on Cummins (one way)
Left on North Akron Rd. (one way)
Left on Severyns (Building 3, Moffett Training and Conference Center on your right)

NASA Ames Research Center
Building 3
500 Severyns Road
NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA 94035

Cut and paste the entire link below for a map of Ames Research Centerr and location of Building 3