2018 Small Payload Rideshare Symposium

Foreign National Visitor Guidelines

Below is a list of designated countries as of Feb 2018.  NASA Ames International Badging Office recommends a deadline of April 15 for registration of folks from countries on the designated list to ensure NASA has enough time to process their paperwork.  These requests need to go to NASA HQ for review and approval.

Afghanistan                                 Hong Kong       Qatar
Bahrain                                       Iran                   Saudi Arabia
Belarus                                       Iraq                   Somalia
Bhutan                                       Israel                 South Sudan
Burma (Now Myanmar)            Jordan                Sudan
Central African Republic           North Korea,        Syria
China, Peoples Republic          Kuwait                 Taiwan
Congo (Formerly Zaire )           Lebanon              United Arab Emirates
Cuba                                         Kyrgyzstan          Venezuela
Cyprus                                     Libya                     Yemen
Egypt                                       Macau (China)      Western Sahara
Eritrea                                     Oman                    Zimbabwe
Haiti                                         Pakistan

Those from non-designated countries have a registration deadline of May 15 to make sure there’s enough time to process their paperwork.